October 17, 2009

Where the wild things are….

By andrewiverson

You guessed it.  We took Kyle to go see the movie, “Where The Wild Things Are”.  I’m not quite sure who enjoyed the movie more between Kyle, Suriana or I.  It’s a toss up between Kyle and I.

[youtube Rhfywi5Y8TM]

It definitely had an adult theme to it.  Although, I remember when I was around that age when I discovered the movie, “Never Ending Story” and I was sucked in and there was no turning back.  At 33 and having watched the “Never Ending Story” just recently I can now say that it had an adult theme as well, BUT as a kid it made me dream, imagine and wonder.   As an adult it only makes me wish I was 6 years old again when everything was innocent and the imagination was only littered with legos, muppets and building forts.

Observing Kyle while he watched the movie made me reminisce about myself as a 6 year old boy.  To be quite honest, I really don’t remember alot about my childhood.  What I do remember centers around a disability with my right hip that began around Kyle’s age and still affects me to this day.

Yet, I look at Kyle at age six and I’m overcome with emotions mainly for the fact that he gets to be a normal 6 year old.  To experience his young life with good health.  I sometimes catch myself enjoying it with him, almost like i’m discovering what it’s like to be six years old through him.  I sometimes stop myself because I need to be big Ol’ dad and act my age but I can’t help it.  Times like these are magical and at the same time taken for granted.  10 years from now I’ll wonder where the time went and where that six year old has gone.

As for the right now, as I walk away from putting Kyle to bed….  I just want time to stop time and always enjoy times like this.  Maybe, possibly by writing my thoughts down in a small sort of way, I’m capable of doing just that!