October 10, 2007

Wallpaper? Bad Hip?

By andrewiverson

Wow, we’re actually moving in about a month. It’s crazy. We have literally moved around 7 times since we have been married. Alot of it was due to either being laid off or we just needed to find a better place to live. It’s been a journey so far, but quite honestly it’s starting to feel like we’re finally settling down and in some way going to begin to start experiencing what it’s like to have both feet planted and really enjoy life, kids and activities.

I have alot of work ahead of me. We bought a place that has an unfinished backyard. The lady that lived there for the past 15 years started to put a water feature in and it looks like she succeeded, although she placed it in the middle of the backyard and the rest is dirt. Alot of good that did.

The house is covered with wallpaper, which is a pain in itself.

I love it though, I love the work and using my hands, so we’ll see what happens.

The hardest part is the fact that I have a bad hip. I was supposed to have a partial hip replacement last september but the doctor’s just didn’t think it was necessary to proceed until the pain becomes unbearable. So far it really hasn’t hurt that bad. The only time that it really seems to flare up is when i’m doing heavy lifting or doing alot of footwork. I’ve never been the one to take asprin or whatever you would take for pain. I would rather just ignore the pain and keep going. At some point though it’s unavoidable and I will have to go under the knife. Last time I went under the knife was when I was a toddler and it put me in a body cast. I then went from body cast to being crippled. Then to a wheelchair, a walker and then finally back on my feet again.

I’m not sure what to expect this time around, so i’m taking it as it comes. I’m trying to get in shape now so the recovery won’t take as long.

Anyway, we’re excited to be moving. One month to go and it’s nothing but work, work, work for at least the first 6 months. It should be interesting.