December 22, 2010

Can you get insurance on a Christmas tree?

By andrewiverson

It’s tradition in our house to begin Christmas as fast as we possibly can without overshadowing Thanksgiving.  SO, the day after thanksgiving we wake up early, pull all the christmas boxes down from the attic and begin the full day of decorating and putting up our christmas tree.  YEP, I said putting up the tree.  We decided to go fake years ago, easy on cleanup and it never dies.  BEAUTIFUL!

After a few hours of putting up the tree and getting it all decorated.  We light it up.  The movie “Christmas Vacation” always comes to mind when I take a plug in both hands and slowly slide them together.   I always expect sparks to fly and the power to shut down throughout the neighborhood.   That would be pretty cool.

So, I’m in the kitchen making lunch and I suddenly hear Kyle (7yrs) yell….


Almost as soon as I heard Kyle yell, I heard a…


The sound of things cracking and breaking.  NOT good.  I dropped what I was doing and ran into the living room only to see our Christmas tree completely knocked over.  As I walk closer to the scene of the crime I see Kyle practically laying underneath the tree as if trying to hold it up and Tyler (4yrs) quietly standing behind the tree with his eyes to the ground and his hands clenched together as if I wouldn’t notice he was standing there.

Half of me thought it was hilarious and the other half of me was geniunely p’oed!  All that work down the tubes and broken bulbs and orniments all over.  Not to mention Kyle is being flattened by the tree.

I pull the tree off of Kyle, pull Tyler out from behind the tree and come to find out Tyler was just trying to crawl under the tree to build a fort behind the tree.  Makes perfect sense considering I would have done the same thing when I was his age.

So, to make sure this didn’t happen again, I went all ‘JerryRig’ on my tree and put some loop nails in the wall behind the tree and strung some wire around the base of the tree and secured the wire to the loop nails.  I know, I know… borderline redneckish but COME ON, we all have a little redneckish in us when it calls for it!!!

Merry Christmas!