June 6, 2010

The Jiffy Lube Pediatrician

By andrewiverson

Is it me or are pediatricians fairly comparable to a Jiffy Lube?  Your son/daughter has a problem (sick, flu or whatnot) and you take them in to get checked out.  You rely on this man/woman that has  been able to get to know your child to give you good advice to what is wrong with your child only for the kids to continue to have issues.  They continue to tell you to do the same thing that doesn’t work.    I end up getting better advice and solving the diagnosis by googling then I do asking my kids pediatrician that have known them since birth.

The disheartening issue that we’ve come to realize is that taking your kid to a Pediatrician is about the same as taking your car into Jiffy Lube for an oil change.   All Jiffy Lube does is change the fluids, balances the tires and puts a cool sticker on your windshield.  Taking your child into a Pediatrican guarantees your child gets their shots, a few taps on the forehead and tells you where your child fits on the growth chart, not to mention a cool sticker.

Here’s the problem…  When anything comes into play that involves the flu, pain or anything outside of the routine they give you generic answers and then charge you hundreds of dollars to give you a text book answer that typically doesn’t fix the problem or answer any questions.

We found this out the hard way.  Our oldest for years would get symptoms of having the flu with a running nose, puffy eyes and then this really odd cough that would get worse the more he would cough.  To the point of vomiting.  Several times we take him to our Pediatrician and he suggested that our son had symptoms of asthma.   We ended up paying money for asthma medicine and products.  We spent weeks giving our child this recommended medicine.  Yes, he would be fine for a few days but it would always come back.

Something just never felt right about the diagnosis.  One night after a few hours of researching the symptoms online (again, a few hours not years) we came to the conclusion that our oldest has symptoms of allergies, NOT asthma.   We passed this through the Pediatrician and he couldn’t give us a straight answer but still insisted on the asthma medicine.

We decided to bypass the Pediatrician and go straight to a allergy specialist.  Within one visit of the allergy specialist and the tests they take your child through..  We had diagnosed our son.  It wasn’t asthma.

Our son had allergies.  Not just the normal type that pollen activated but he was allergic to dust mites.  Which meant he was allergic to carpet.  NO joke!  To make matters worse, because now our focus was entirely on dust that meant I needed to figure out a way to prevent dust from taking over the house.

That’s when it dawned on me and I felt like a nimrod.   We had not changed our filters in our furnace since we had moved in.  The filters were 3 years old.  I walked out into the garage and opened the furnace and pulled one of the filters out and as I had feared it was completely caked with dust and lint, which means, it wasn’t filtering anything coming through our vents.

Within an hour I had purchased two top of the line filters for allergies and within a week our sons symptoms had completely stopped.  Even the darkness under his eyes from lack of sleep began to disappear.

Saying all of this, isn’t the Pediatrician supposed to be your safe-haven for all info about a child?  To recognize symptoms and give you somewhat accurate diagnosis?  My research on google killed the advise over what our pediatrician gave us and it only took an hour of research.   So, before we even think of going to the Pediatrician or calling the advice nurse unless it’s for their routine shots, we check Doctor Google.