February 16, 2009

The big boy brush…

By andrewiverson

Tonight I was at the store and bought a new toothbrush that came in a pack of 6. When I got home, Kyle saw them and wanted one, so I let him pick a color and everything is good.

Of course, then suddenly we hear small footsteps come flying into the bathroom and Tyler notices that Kyle and I are handling brand new toothbrushes. Tyler immediately starts yelling, “ME, toothbrush, ME toothbrush!!”

He already has a blues clues toothbrush, so I grabbed it and put it in the package and pulled it out and gave it to him (one day that trick won’t work anymore). All smiles he walks out of the bathroom with it in his mouth and rubbing it back and forth against his teeth.

About 5 minutes later I find him in the back room watching the Muppets and he’s still going for it. Brushing like a madman. I leaned down and told him, “hey, Tyler you are going to rub them raw…” I tried to take it and it was a no go.

I’m then sitting in the kitchen about 5 minutes later and here comes Tyler, running into the kitchen with his toothbrush in full gear rubbing every millimeter of his gums and teeth.

He ran in and then ran out again to the back room where his toys are at. I decided to follow him and just check up on Tyler and Kyle.

As I walk in the room I again see Tyler with his toothbrush smoking from the frantic brushing.

THEN HE STOPPED. I couldn’t believe it. I thought he was finally done brushing. He takes the brush out of his mouth, looks around and walks over to the tool bench next to the door. I see him stand in front of the bench making sweeping motions.

As I walk over I suddenly realize why he has been brushing like a man out of control… He figured out that by tipping over his superman sippy cup with a straw, the apple juice slowly drips down the straw and out onto the brush.

He places his brush under the straw opening and lets the apple juice drench his brush and it’s back in his mouth rubbing it raw sucking every ounce of juice out of the thistles.

It then dawned on me that if it’s dripping, that pretty much means the carpet is where there rest of the juice has gone because it didn’t all fit onto the brush.

Beautiful. The carpet below is a puddle of apple juice.

I grab the sippy cup, grab a towel, clean it up and i’m in the kitchen washing my hands and walk back towards the back room and I have Tyler in the hallway giving me a dirty look and saying “Hey! Where’s the apple juice?”

Now, understand he’s still trying very hard to form words and put them into sentences, but he’s a determined little booger and he was pretty determined to make it clear that it wasn’t cool that I took his toothbrush goodness.

Maybe some company out there makes apple juice toothpaste? That would be pure toothbrush goodness for a 2 year old’s mouth!