October 24, 2007

Something quick… Well probably not.

By andrewiverson

Lately, i’ve been coming to the realization that I’m not really capable of writing ‘something quick’. Usually I start typing and the next thing you know, I’ve written a small book that usually has about 3 different endings. I’m not sure why I write as much as I do. I wonder if it’s because I don’t get the chance to speak my mind and open my heart to people around me as much as I like. I think it could possibly be because I have a very active imagination and it’s something I can’t turn off. Maybe, it’s the coffee?

It’s been a pretty quiet couple of weeks. Right now, Suriana and I are preparing for Tyler’s first birthday. Ty was born on Halloween, so in a way it will make things very easy to plan. This year everyone is coming dressed as a super hero. Kyle is Captain America with fake foam muscles and Tyler is superman. Suriana and I still haven’t figured out what we’d like to be yet. We don’t want to spend alot of money on costumes we’ll probably never wear again… So we’ll probably end up going to a thrift store or good will and just mix things together and make the best of it.

It should be alot of fun. Everyone claims they are coming dressed up, so if that actually happens, it will make it that much more enjoyable.

Monday night Suriana and I took the boys to the ‘Blazer’ game at the Rose Garden. I have to say that it turned out to be one of those moments that made me have to hold back tears and wanting to start crying. I was really struck with emotion

when we all sat down. When the Blazers came on to the court.. I turned to look at Kyle and he had both hands raised and he was yelling “Blazers… Whoooo”… Then looking at Tyler sitting next to him in his baby carrier, his eyes were wide and absorbing every second of the bright lights and loud music. Then I looked up at Suriana and I suddenly realized something… For the first time, it honestly felt like we were all complete as a family.

Before I met Suriana, it was my dream to one day have a family. One day have kids and do everything I could to be an amazing dad. I didn’t really care if I had a daughter or a son. I just knew I couldn’t wait to be a dad. I had no idea what kind of dad I would be or how I could even go about being a dad. All I knew is that I had a burning desire to be one and after we all sat down and I looked over and saw both of my boys sitting in an actual ‘Blazer’ game with me… That’s when I about broke down. My dream has literally come true and I would say for the rest of that night I was enjoying every second.

Of course, that all came to a screeching halt when my oldest leans over and says “Dad, my pants are wet!”

Now, there are only two ways that a 4.5 year old’s pants can get wet spontaneously and without warning. (one) spills his juice box or sippy cup (two) HE PEES!

Yes, he peed his pants and the best part was that we forgot to pack a change of clothes and a new pair of underwear. So, Kyle and I rushed off to the bathroom… Well, I say rush, what I really mean is that I rushed and had to keep slowing down because he was walking like a penguin. We finally got into the stall and with some creative thinking… We were able to clean him up and keep him dry until we left that night.

I’m thinking… I can’t wait to get this boy cleaned up and back into the game… and he’s asking me “Dad, are people going to laugh at me?” Yes, my son is already self-concious. It’s been amazing what he says and the type of things he comes up with. I swear I have no idea where he’s thinking up the things he does but it couldn’t possibly be coming from Elmo. That is of course unless Elmo knows when parents are out of the room and then breaks out his new verbal vocabulary and says things like “What’s up dude?” or “What’s happenin’?”

Yes, at 4.5 years old my son greets me at times with “What’s up dude?” Oh and yes…. I’m a proud dad! I mean come on…That’s pretty cool!! I just say “Word holmes!” and we’re good!

Well… I’m headin’ to bed… My brain is tired, My body is doing the tired itch (where your body gets that restless feeling because it’s tired) and well I’m a huge fan of Conan O’Brian…

Anyway, later.