July 12, 2008

So long 20’s!

By andrewiverson

As a native of Portland, Oregon… You get used to the rain, clouds, the color grey. I’ve lived here my entire life and have only made it as far as Mexico and Canada.

I’m 32 and am probably one of the few that are actually glad to finally be somewhat clear of my 20’s. The 20’s provided me 10 years of such drastic whirlwind of situations, circumstances and consequences. In those 10 years, I’ve had two careers, multiple jobs, married, 2 kids, 3 houses, 6 apartments, 4 cars, 1 dog, 3 speeding tickets, 4 accidents, house fire that should have killed myself, wife and 2 kids and the list goes on.

For some the 20’s seem to be filled with a time of getting everything out of your system before you start real life and settle down. For me it has felt like boot camp, training, continual learning and changing of character. Once single, now married and then a father and now uncle… It never ends and I don’t expect it too.

Thinking of everything that I just wrote… You’d think I’d be scared to face my 30’s. Actually, i’m more excited and anxious to see what will be thrown at me next. I’ve been in training for a decade and learning from all mistakes and experiences… All of that had to be for something…

Of course, when I write a blog when I’m 42… I’ll read this and probably think how naive I was… Ouch.