May 15, 2009

Shoe in the back of the head….

By andrewiverson

Over the past few months our 2.5 year old (TYLER) has developed quite the personality.  He’s gone from being very quiet, hands in the pocket kind of boy, to a climbing, yelling, quite tempered, jokester.  Recently, Suriana has been trying to describe to me a certain type of attitude that Tyler gets when he doesn’t get his way.  It’s hard to imagine mainly because he generally throws this attitude when I’m not home during the day.   I get home and all I hear is “DAAAAD!” and all is fun and games and of course the discipline when needed.

So last night we take a spontaneous trip to my parents and hang out for awhile..  When we’re getting ready to go, Tyler grabs a toy Elmo phone to take home with him.  Of course, we tell him, “No Ty, the toy stays here!”…   After saying it a few times he runs to the couch, buries his head and cries like someone just pulled his left ear off his head.

My dad picks him up and we go to the car..  I buckle Tyler in and little does he know I have the toy phone with me.  While he’s crying bloody murder, I turn and show him the phone.  I’m guessing, he’ll see it and calm down and we’re good to go.   Instead he looks at it and turns his body and head and says “NO!”     OKAY THEN, so I turn and give it to my dad, roll up the window and we go on our way.

The minute i gave it to my dad, Tyler goes nuts and screams for the toy phone.   TO LATE!

For the next 5 minutes Tyler is screaming and crying, kicking the chair in front of him.  As I watch Suriana’s head bounce on the headrest from the kicking…  She says “I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyler threw something at you.”    I thought theres no way.  He’s not that type of kid.

A few minutes pass and I hear this “RIIIIP”..  The sound of velcro from a small sandle attached to an angry little toddler.   I thought, no way, there’s no way he’s going to do it.  He’s just resting his feet… Yea, he’s airing out his feet!!  Then I hear this THUD!   I turn around and see his sandle on the ground.   I looked at Suriana and she gives me this look like, “HE MISSED!”   But I thought, he just dropped it on the floor, that’s it!

Then…  within moments, I hear again, “RIIIIIIIP!”   So, this time I turn and look out of the corner of my eye and it just looks like he’s trying to take his sandles off.   I look at Suriana and she again gives me a look like “Better duck!”…   All of the sudden, WHOOOOSH..    This little sandle comes flying past my head and lands practically on our dashboard.    OHHHHH no he didn’t do that!   I quickly looked at Suriana and she looked like she had just had a whole pint of coffee ice cream with a huge smile…   All those phone calls and emails trying to describe what Tyler was like has just manifested right before my eyes!!

I quickly pulled the car over, jumped out and ran to Tyler’s door, flung it open, put my hands on my knees and stared right at him about 3 inches from his face..   And in my best Clint Eastwood impression, I told him “NEVER do that again!”  and gave him a good slap on the wrist.

Of course, his eyes buldged out when he saw me fling his door open and challenge his defiance.   The whole time Kyle is sitting there looking at Tyler saying “Your gonna get it!!  That could have caused an accident!!”.   I got back in the car, we headed home and Suriana and I were trying so hard not to laugh about how our little 2.5 year old Tyler is coming into his own.    In some ways I was actually proud of him at that moment.   Fight for what you believe in… Just make sure it’s not a shoe in the back of the head while I’m driving!