November 12, 2007

Opening Night : Blazers

By andrewiverson

Opening night for the 2007-08 season for the Blazers and I receive 2 tickets in the mail from our realitor.  I have to say that I was more than excited.  I think i’m the last of the Blazer fanatics in my family and I act like a little girl in a candy store when I get anything having to do with the Blazers.

I had quite a few people in mind to go with me but couldn’t pass up taking my oldest son Kyle to the game with me.  I just wasn’t sure if he was ready to sit in a game that long and completely understand what he was watching.  SOOO…  we took off that night and made our way to the Rose Garden.


We ended up getting there about an hour before it started.  I figured that it would take time for us to walk from our car to the Rose Garden mainly because he’s only 3 foot and 3 footers only walk so fast.  Plus, we’d have to find our seats and make sure he had used the bathroom and all that jazz.

Finally we were able to click through the gate and the first thing he says “oooooo  can we get some popcorn?”  Now, you can’t go to a game without either a hotdog or popcorn and a drink, so we ran over to the food stand and ordered up some popcorn and drink.

We then made our way to our seats, only to find out around half time that we were sitting in the wrong section.  Our section was practically on the opposite side.

It was hilarious..  we’re sitting there, he’s sitting on his booster seat and before the game starts a bunch of 4 to 6 year old girls come prancing out onto the court to do a pre-game dance routine.  Keep in mind they are 4 to 6 years old.  Thinking that maybe he was going to get bored…  I didn’t pay attention to much…. just looking around.  After about 2 minutes I haven’t heard anything from him… (unusual).  So I look over at him to see if he was awake and it was the exact opposite.

He was bobbin’ his head and waving his arms to the music while watching the massive video screen in the middle of the court.  He was movin’ and shakin’ with the girls on the screen.  Huge smile on his face.

All I could think was… “oh man, it’s already started”….  I know he wasn’t checking out the girls (I hope not) … although, i thought it was funny that when the girls were finished… another group of girls came onto the court that were in their teens and at this point, he wasn’t even interested.   I just thought it was interesting that he was really into the girls his age and was bouncin’ and dancin’ right along with them.

When the lights went down and they announced the Blazers, Kyle went nuts.  Screamin’ and waving his arms.  That was pretty cool.  Why cool?  Mainly because I honestly didn’t think the time would come that I’m actually sitting in a Blazer game with my own son.  You hope that one day you have kids and they hopefully like the things you do.  So, it looks like in the next several years I have my buddy to come with me to the games and cheer like idiots!  Let’s just cross our fingers that Tyler will be into it!

[youtube –97Tyj_qEk]

We ended up leaving at half time.  Kyle had as much as he could take.  His attention span was slowly disappearing and it got to the point where there was no sense in trying to keep him there any longer.  I hated leaving but it was probably best for him.  We left… hoped in the car and went home.  We listened to the game on the way home.  He went to bed when we got home and I ended up listening to the rest of the game on the radio.

Of course, Suriana saw us pull into the garage and had a look on her face as if she was dissapointed to see us.  Haha…. I knew exactly what she was thinking… “NOOOOO, it was nice and quiet and calm without you two around!!”  Which is exactly what she was thinking.  We walked in and the candles were lit….  soft music and the place smelled great.  Although, all of that wasn’t for Kyle and I and we knew it…  I almost picked him up and jumped back into the car and drove off to give her time alone.  I felt pretty bad… but life is unpredictable with 2 kids and you make the best of it.

To help her keep it going… I put Kyle to bed and went and locked myself in my office and made sure I let her continue to try and relax.

Not that I make life hectic….  But when you live with 3 boys and dad can be the biggest kid out of the 3…  You begin to understand that she needs her space and you’d better give it to her… because if momma ain’t happy… Nobody is happy!!

Heheh.  Ahh….  it’s a beautiful thing.