December 11, 2010

My Death = One Week of Crying :\

By andrewiverson

My oldest son went to bed the other night and after about an hour he suddenly snuck out and quietly but loudly called out to my wife and I while we were watching a movie.  We paused the movie and asked him to head over and see what’s up.  He slowly walks over to us with a piece of paper in his hand, sheepishly hands it to us and runs back to his room.   He tends to do this alot.  He’ll go to bed, draw or write for an hour or two and usually leave it outside his door for us to find.   This was a different kind of note though…  After reading the note I guess I was happy to find out that my son would AT the most cry for one WHOLE week if my wife and I were to ever die.   He’s 8 so everything is over the top…  Hey, at least he’d cry over us… We’re doing something right!