February 16, 2009

Monster Trucks & Boredom shouldn’t mix!

By andrewiverson

Okay, here’s the quick recap.. Kyle loves monster trucks. He wants to be a monster truck driver when he grows up. He has all the hot wheels monster trucks and the movie. How did he develop this deep affection for monster trucks??? I have no idea! He loves them though. So, saying all of that…

I heard that the Monster Truck Jam was coming to Portland at the Rose Garden. It was a no brainer. Although, it was showing on the 15th of February and it was February 12th. Yep, i’m pushing it to get tickets.

On the 12th, I head out after work around 7 to go to Joe’s (ticketmaster). I drive all the way to Joe’s and they tell me that they only sell them at Fred Meyers in Clackamas. So I drive all the way back to Johnson Creek Fred Meyers and then I’m told that they don’t carry the tickets. I need to go to Safeway. WHAT? Okay, so I make the trip to the nearest Safeway and when I get in there the customer service desks closed 5 minutes before I showed up. So, I ask the cashier if they sell the tickets… He tells me that they don’t but the safeway on McLoughlin sells them. WHAAAAT?? That’s the same safeway that is next door to JOE’S where I drove at the beginning of this Monster Truck scavenger hunt.

SO, now it’s the 13th (friday). I call the Rose Garden directly and ask them… Hey can I buy directly from the box office. They tell me yes and that I can stop by and get them cheaper. WOW, so after work I drive to the Rose Garden. I do circles around the arena to find a parking spot and finally park. I walk literally all the way around the Rose Garden to find the box office. It’s closed!

So after standing there for about 5 minutes staring at the empty box office booth (hoping by staring at the empty seat that someone may magical appear)… I hear a “can I help you?”. I turn around and a gal is standing there… I said, “YES, i need to buy Monster Truck tickets!”

“OHHhh i’m sorry but we don’t sell those here… You have to go to the memorial colisuem box office!” At this point, I’m not upset, I’m laughing because of the journey i’m taking just to get these tickets. So, I make the hike to the memorial colisuem. Wouldn’t you know it though, i get to the doors and they are locked. At this point, I’m literally wanting to jump off the ledge 2 feet from me.

During this two day journey, I’m randomly calling Suriana and letting her know what’s happening… Not because I really felt like she needed to know but more for the fact that I felt she needed to share my wonderful stressful journey with me… I’m very thoughtful.

Sooooo… it’s now February 14th. Valentines day. I drop the kids off at my parents house and make the trip back down to pick up Suriana (she stayed home to get ready). I pick her up and we make a bee-line straight to the Rose Garden to the box office to buy tickets when they open.

We get there and every parking lot and side street is full. I jump out of the car and Suriana drives circles around the Rose Garden waiting for me to buy the tickets and then hopefully by good timing we’ll meet up at the same spot again when i’m ready… (she doesn’t have a cell phone).

I run to the memorial Colisuem box office and there’s a massive line and tons of girls running around in cheerleading outfits. I can hear the national anthem in the background. So, I wait in line for about 5 to 10 minutes and FINALLY GOING TO BUY THE TICKETS!!!! I walk up to the girl and proudly and stressed ask her for 2 tickets to the monster truck ralley. She tells me “OH i’m sorry sir, but we don’t sell those here!” “You have to go to the Rose Garden box office!”

HAHAHAHA…. Yep, seriously at this point I stared at her which felt like a lifetime and several moments of ackward silence and I just turned away and walked down the arena hallway and back out the front enterance. I snapped out of it and ran down the arena alleyway and practically jumped the flight of stairs and found the box office.

Again, another line. After waiting I walk up to the cashier with thoughts of suicide running through my head and carefully ask the guy…”Please, please tell me you sell Monster Truck tickets!?” He smiled and said “Yes!” “How many?”…. At that moment, I ripped open my pocket, pulled out the cash and yelled “2!!!” “Adult & Child!”.

I then grab the tickets and start my walk back to the place where I told Suriana I would meet her. Wouldn’t you know it… she was literally driving up right when I stepped up. I jumped in and we enjoyed the rest of our Valentines together. (we went to kennedy school, watched ‘marley & me’, had hamburgers, walked around, got some starbucks and went to borders and read magazines!)

Okay so now it’s game day, MONSTER TRUCK day. February 15th. Kyle has no idea where we are going. We get in the car and he falls asleep. Which is great because he’s not feeling well.

We arrive at the Rose Garden and we walk a mile or so (free parking is that far away, gotta love the budget!!) We get inside and make our way to our seats and sit down and it dawns on him to what he was looking at. FREAK 021509-ky-monster-truck-012OUT! He gets a massive smile on his face and starts doing his happy dance. They introduce all the Monster Trucks and it looks like this is going to be the greatest idea this dad could have ever thought of. That journey I took over the past 3 days was worth it!!

BUT… hold on… Suddenly we’re into it 30 minutes and I look over and he’s starting to do his other dance… The dance of boredom and getting anxious. His legs start to develop a mind of their own and whacking the guy next to him. He starts rolling his eyes and making noises that only someone who has bad cramps would make.. I know this side to Kyle… HE’S BORED! WHAAAAAA???? In my head i’m thinking…”OOOOOOHHH %@#@ no!!!” (excuse the french but come on… you’d do the same!) I look over and bend down and whisper through the ear plugs… “Kyle, please tell me you aren’t bored??” “What’s wrong?”

“Dad, i’m bored… Let’s go buy a monster truck in the area out there?!”

All that was within me was holding back from having my own “Freak Out” in front of everyone. That 3 day journey flashing through my mind… OH SO FRESH on the brain…

I told Kyle… Listen, we’re going to go back in there and enjoy this!! He agreed and I bought him some orange juice and went back and sat down. Within a few minutes I realized I had a bag of candy and goodies in my pocket and thought, “This would hold him over!” So I started slowly feeding him candy. That “Greatest Idea” that I came up with earlier was trumped by this “GREAT IDEA” almost immediately… Kyle after eating half the bag.. Started doing the “Bored Dance” but this time it wasn’t because he was bored… It’s because I just drugged him with sugar happy candy. He downed half a bag of goodness and it was no turning back.

021509-ky-monster-truck-02I literally had to hold him down at one point and keep a smile of joy on my face just so the parents around me wouldn’t think I’m squeezing the fun out of the kid… But then I realized that most the parents around me will judge me based on a hyper kid but cleverly forgot about their own childs outburst the day before or night before and did the same thing. We all do it! Own up to it!

Loooooooong story short… The rest of the Monster Truck Jam sped up quite a bit and was actually a blast. Lots of destruction and trucks falling apart.

Kyle loved it and I loved the fact that he loved it. Walking out of there he was very quiet… The sugar rush had taken it’s dive and by the time we got home he was practically asleep. We went inside ate dinner and drew cartoons for a little bit before it was bedtime… Which leads us to where I’m at right now at 9pm on February 15th. Stuff like this just shouldn’t go to waste… So I decided to share my stress with everyone else…

Just being thoughtful… That’s all!