April 6, 2010

LEGO Rockband and ‘ROCKSTARS’ in the making!

By andrewiverson

The boys and I played Lego Rockband last night.  When they went to bed, I was walking by their room and overheard Kyle (7rs) singing one of the songs on Rockband.   Then I heard Tyler (3.5yrs)  repeating the chorus.  Turns out Kyle was trying to teach Tyler the song.

The only problem is that Tyler was reading a book in his bed while trying to learn his part of the song.  I’m not sure Tyler is much of a multi-tasker because whenever he started to sing his part he would stop mid-sentence and ask Kyle “What’s my part Kyle?”   Started singing and then, “What’s my part Kyle?”

After several attempts trying to teach Tyler his part of the song, Kyle’s voice begins to get more and more frustrated with Tyler until it ends with Kyle shutting down the singing lessons and telling Tyler he’ll have to wait until he’s 4 years old to learn the song.

Tyler on the other hand really wanted to learn the song and kept begging Kyle to keep going…

The joys of bunk-beds and rockband!   Listen below…….