March 24, 2011

I Love Flat Tires…

By andrewiverson

I was driving on 224 heading home after work, going around 55mph. Suddenly, my front right tire blew out.  I immediately started tail fishing and all I could hear was a nasty screeching sound.  I was able to gain control and slid into the emergency lane.  This came at the worst time considering I was heading home to pick up my wife and head to a get-together.  The sitter was already at our house waiting.  I sat there and for a few minutes wondered if I had coverage to call a tow truck, as well as, quickly and casually asked God to help me out of this situation and fast.

I got out of the car and walked around to check out the damage.  The tire had completely shredded.  Bare rim.  It then occured to me (more like forgot) that I had a spare tire (bicycle tire) in the trunk.

I open the trunk and pulled out spare tire, jacked up the car.   The bolts wouldn’t budge.  More like the tool wouldn’t slide into the socket holes.  Without the ability to slide the tool into the socket holes I couldn’t change the tire.  So, as I’m trying to hammer the tool into the socket holes, I hear a truck pull up in front of my car on to the gravel ER lane.  I was so focused on what I was doing that I didn’t bother paying attention to who had pulled up.

Suddenly, as I’m hammering away I hear a guys voice, “HEY, do you need help with your tire?”  I quickly dropped the tool and looked up at the guy.  The guy was standing there smiling at me, looked like he had just got off work.  Had mechanic clothes on and that’s when I realized.  Looking past the guy and looking at the truck, it was …..

Les Schwaab’s mobile tire service.  YEP, help had arrived!   I immediately thought, “God, you are da man!”

The guy had all the tools in the truck to quickly change the tire and had a generator to make sure the tires were at the right pressure and as fast as he arrived, he took off.   As I waved at the guy all I could think was how freakin’ cool it is to have a relationship with God.