November 9, 2010

Husband Clothes?

By andrewiverson

It’s fascinating to hear how my boys (4yrs & 7yrs) talk to each other and how they think and put things together sometimes.  It’s hilarious their perception on life and what’s happening around them all the time.

The other morning I was getting dressed to attend a funeral with my wife.  I threw on some dress clothes, pull over vest sweater, all of which I don’t normally wear.  I’m a jeans / shorts guy.  I  never dress up unless it’s a necessity or requirement.    So, when I do dress up I guess it’s kind of noticeable and those that know me make a big deal BUT I didn’t realize how rare it was for me to get dressed up until my boys put in their two cents..

As i’m combing my hair I feel like I’m being watched so I turn and realize my youngest (4yrs) Tyler is standing in the doorway staring at me.   I turn and ask him what was wrong and he smiles and runs off.   I didn’t think anything of it.  As he is running away he yells..


Next thing I know both of my boys are standing in the door to the bathroom staring at me.  Both have huge smiles on their face.   I again ask them…

What’s up guys?  What’s wrong?

Again, they smile, laugh and run off.

Curious, I follow them to their bedroom and about the time I get to their door I hear Kyle say…

Tyler, dad’s not wearing husband clothes, dad was a husband since you were born!  He’s been a husband that long…

Tyler says..

NO! Dad is wearing husband clothes Kyle!  He looks like a husband…

Kyle again says..

NO! TYLER, dad isn’t now a husband, he’s been a husband since you were born!

Before the conversation went any further I decided to walk in and join the conversation..

Boys, I’ve been a husband long before Kyle was even born.

As I’m walking out I hear Tyler yell at Kyle..

I TOLD YOU KYLE, he’s wearing husband clothes!

What’s funny is that Kyle said that I became a husband when Tyler was born.  So then what was I when Kyle was born?  I guess maybe I need to wear husband clothes more often but again, what does that make me when I’m not wearing husband clothes?

Sometimes I wish I could see life through a 7 year olds eyes again.