September 11, 2008

First Day Of Kindergarten!

By andrewiverson

Last Thursday was a milestone in our family.  My oldest son Kyle (5yrs) started Kindergarten.  KINDERGARTEN!  First of all, Kyle doesn’t feel like your typical Kindergartner.  He talks, acts and plays alot older than a 5 year old and alot of times it’s hard to treat him like one.  You almost want to sit him down and talk about life and why the sky is blue but as your about to start you suddenly realize the look he’s giving you is a true gaze of pure boredom!

So, here we are waking up at 6am and you can feel the anticipation in the air as everyone is getting ready for work, school and preparing the house for another day of hurricane Tyler.  Both Kyle and Tyler true to themselves, wake up at exactly 6:30am and both standing at our door patiently waiting for one of us to crawl out of bed and turn on cartoons.

Tyler standing there sucking his Binky frantically probably pretending it’s a nice cold sippy cup full of milk and Kyle rocking back and forth giving the impression he’s drunk off yesterdays chocolate milk and at the same time slurring together “Good Morning Mom and Dad”.

By this time, Suriana is sliding out of bed with her knees giving way to the heaviness of sleepy time and flinging her arms out in front of her to break her fall, all the while, I’m sitting at the edge of the bed feeling the effects of not getting any younger and standing up to quickly and lurching forward due to a black out.

Of course…  here I am talking about what I see every morning, when quite possibly watching dad black out from standing up to quickly and watching mom trip out of bed waving her arms while practically skipping to keep her balance… I’m sure in some way has already scarred Kyle and Tyler and at some point will provoke them to start playing paper, rocks and scissors or drawing the short end of the straw to see who has to go stand at our door at 6:30am to get us to turn on the toons and fill up the sippy cups.

Kyle of course was excited to go to school.  He couldn’t wait to get his clothes on and to wear his backpack.  I loaded the camera with new batteries and a fresh memory card and Suriana loaded up the stroller for Tyler and we were off.

We walked across the street and made our way through the school park.  The entire time Kyle was unusually quiet and reserved.  His huge smile gave it away though.  He was doing his best to hide his excitement knowing he wouldn’t have to be locked up in his house any longer.  He was free.  He was about to go play with play dough and run away from germ filled girls all day….   Of course, then you pull your attention to Suriana and unlike Kyle, she is overly excited, almost to excited.  The curious strut she was suddenly overcome with.  Arms in the air rejoicing… Okay, arms weren’t in the air but they might as well have been!  You had the sense that Mrs. Iverson was also feeling free that day.

Finally making our way into the door of the school and heading towards Kyle’s class, I expected Kyle to hesitate, maybe stop and turn around and beg for us not to leave him.  Maybe a few tears of separation anxiouty.  Something?  Something to make us have to look around, smile and shrug our shoulders and pridefully give the look like we’re super parents and our kids can’t live without us.  They worship the ground we walk on.

YEA, that didn’t happen.  Quite the opposite.  We walk up to the door and Kyle doesn’t even hesitate.  He walks straight to the back of the classroom, takes off his jacket, hangs up his backpack and it was off to the races.  Sheesh, it looked like the kid was rolling up his sleeves and ready to get dirty.  He walks over and signs his name on his name tag, walks over to the teacher and she asks “Kyle, what kind of lunch do you want today?” Kyle said, “Soft Taco!” and then walks straight to the toys and zones out.

Suriana and I are standing at the door waving to the back of Kyle’s head and realized..  He’s growing up.  Fast.  I jumped in there one last time to get a photo of the two of us, as well as Suriana and Kyle.  We walked out the door and before we actually walked out of the school entirely, we both took one last look, looked at each other and without saying a word to each other tried our best not to get emotional.  We walked out the door to the basketball courts and about half way home while pushing Tyler in his stroller, the reality set in that nothing will ever be the same.  There is no looking back and our Kyle is no longer a baby.

Looking down at Tyler while walking home…  You couldn’t help but notice that Mr.T had the biggest smile plastered on his face.  There sitting in his stroller Tyler had a glowing look of excitement and eagerness.  Again, both Suriana and I wanted to think that Tyler was anxious to have us all to himself.  Finally, mom and dad get to focus ONLY on Ty.

That is until we walked in the door and as soon as his feet hit the floor…  He ran off.  Curious, I went looking for him and when I found him… It all made sense.  He was sitting in a pile of Kyle’s toys.  No big brother to smack the toys out of his hands or keep him from playing with the cool toys.  Yes, Tyler was free as much as any of us.  Tyler was free to bite, drool and throw anything he wanted without any type of backlash.  Tyler on that day was also free!