January 2, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEARS and Spilled Breakfast

By andrewiverson

I’m 33 years old and would like to think I’m still 23.  I’m still fooling myself to think that I can stay up until 4am and then wake up at 6am and be just fine.   It was New Years Eve last night and we had family over.  We ended up staying up until 4am.  We played Rock Band pretty much the entire time.   After everyone left my wife and I did some quick cleaning and then crashed…

We made a bonehead move though.  We put the kids down for bed at 8pm.  8pm translates to a 6am wake-up call by our two boys!

Without fail their internal alarm clock wakes them up at 6am.  I wake up to the sound of laughing, cartoons and LOTS of crashing and banging.  Only running on 1 1/2 hours of sleep I stumble into the their room and without a word (mainly because my brain is still in bed) I change diapers, get them something to munch on and turn on a movie that I know is about 2 hours long (don’t tell me you haven’t done this).

Knowing the movie is 2 hours long, my wife and I have a nice cushion to get a few more hours sleep.  As soon as I lay back down I’m out!


I suddenly wake up to the noise of something spilling.  Almost like a box of legos falling all over the floor.  I’d only been sleeping for about an hour at this point.  I roll over and hear my wife saying….

I’m sorry Kyle it was my fault!

Half asleep I sit up in bed to find both my boys standing at the far end corner of our bed staring at us.  Suddenly, Kyle gets this look of disappointment on his face and yells while running out of our room….



I have no clue what is going on and I hear my wife say again…

No Kyle, it was my fault.  I moved my feet….

Did she say FEET?  I sit up even further and look towards the end of the bed.  I notice Tyler standing there staring at our bed with a look of confusion…   He’s pointing at the bed yelling…

We made breakpast Dad, we made breakpast!!

Laying on our bed were two kids bowls with spoons, one filled to the brim with sugar puffs and the other one on the ground with cereal all over the bed and floor.

Next to the mess is a notepad.  Kyle had written on the notepad…

Ky and Ty

The little guys had made us breakfast in bed and a note to go with it.    At this point, 1 1/2 hours of sleep didn’t matter anymore.  It was hard to be groggy and upset when something like this happens.  Mostly for the fact that when things like this happen it gives us more insight to our kids personalities and character.  It made me quite proud.

Of course, when we went to the kitchen we were able to get a good view of their efforts!!

We felt bad that we had ruined their attempt to make us breakfast in bed, so without getting cleaned up, dolled up and the works…. We hopped in the car and went and grabbed the boys some breakfast from McDonalds.