February 8, 2010

Half-Eaten Donut Means Trouble!

By andrewiverson

Every night if the boys eat all of their dinner then we give them a treat before bedtime.  Sometimes it’s a small bowl of ice cream, sometimes it’s popcorn and sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot and give them a piece of candy.   WELL, tonight before dinner Kyle noticed in our pantry a bag of miniature chocolate donuts.   Kyle immediately finds Tyler and tells him that he just discovered gold at the end of the rainbow.

Next thing I know, they are both running into the kitchen begging for a donut.   Then come the negotiations between the parents VS. the kids.

We tell them that if they eat all of their dinner then they can have a donut.


Dancing and singing erupted throughout the house as they interpreted danced to an imaginary song singing….

Oh yea, oh yea, we get donuts, oh yea!

The end of dinner rolls around and they are both finished.  Immediately Kyle and Tyler ask for their donuts.  I walk over and grab a few and give it to both of them.  Kyle eats his donut like a champ practically in one bite.   Although, I look over at Tyler and he’s taken only a few bites, takes his time and then takes another small bite.

I decide to go do a few things and just let Tyler nibble away.

When I come back into the Kitchen, Tyler had left his chair and was finished with his donut. Here’s the part that my gut instinct was telling me something wasn’t right.   I walk over and notice that Tyler hadn’t finished the donut.  What kid doesn’t devour a chocolate donut when they get a chance?

Something didn’t seem right about this…   We left it alone and got the boys ready for bed and that was it…..  Zzzzzzzz..

1.5 hours pass by and suddenly I hear Tyler screaming in his bedroom…   Something woke him up and usually it’s because he wants something to drink.   I hear Suriana go into his bedroom to check on him and then I hear Suriana say…

Oh no!  It’s okay Ty.  We’ll get you cleaned up….

Only two things can be the reason to clean up a child while they are sleeping…  1.)  Pee’d their bed or 2.)  Throw-up

Did you guess #2???!!!!    YEEESSSSS!!!   IT WAS A AWE INSPIRING NUMBER TWO!!! I knew that half eaten donut was a sign of things to come.  I KNEW IT!

Luckily, I’ve learned over the years that there are certain ways to clean up vomit…   Speciality items I have purchased over the years…  Gloves, mask, lysol and garbage bags.   Doesn’t get the best of me anymore!!   It’s straight to the cleanup and then laundry…   BUT before this fun evening comes to a close I accidentally scared the living daylights out of my oldest son Kyle who sleeps on the top bunk.

I had to crawl under the bed to clean up the mess and as I’m crawling out I’m facing up towards the ceiling with my mask on, gloves and a big can of lysol in my hand.  I’m laying on my back looking at the ceiling when I see Kyle’s head slowly inch over the top bunk to see what’s going on.   Still half asleep I see him look around and then he  looks down at me …..


BAAAAM! I’m sure it was just an illusion but I swear he pancaked against the ceiling.  I crawled as fast as I could out from under the bed and ripped my mask off to show him it was me.  I’m not sure if he went back to sleep or was out cold from hitting the ceiling but that kid went back to sleep as fast as he woke up.    Actually, now that I think about it, I better go back in there and see if he’s sleeping or actually out cold…  Gotta go….