October 10, 2007

Dream or Reality?

By andrewiverson

Don’t you hate it when you have a dream that seems so real that you wake up wondering if your still dreaming or not? Well this isn’t exactly that sort of situation but came really close.

We’re in the process of purchasing a new house. There really isn’t much else to do but wait until August to move our things in.

I went to bed last night around 11pm and fell right to sleep. I don’t usually have dreams that I remember in the morning but this is one of those dreams where I’m sitting at my PC at work at 12pm and still wondering “Is this a sign?”

I fell right to sleep and the next thing I know… I’m driving down a country road with Suriana and the kids are in the back. Trees are whizzin’ by, windows down. It was nice. Next thing I know we’re pulling down a private road and entering some sort of peaceful neighborhood engulfed by willow trees. It looked like your perfect neighborhood. Each house had about 2 or 3 acres of land. Everyone was spaced out and seemed private.

We then pulled up to a house (old victorian) that had a ‘For Sale’ sign. The sign said sale pending on it. In fact, I had the key to the house in my hand… You see where i’m going with this. We had bought a house in a neighborhood of our dreams. We pulled the kids out of the car and walked up the sidewalk to the front door and made our way inside. The inside of the house needed work. Alot of work. Almost reminded me of the movie “Money Pit”. We had mixed-emotions towards the place but then we couldn’t get over the neighborhood, it was very nice and peaceful.

We then hopped back into the car and drove further down the road until we came across a neighbors house… Two guys were standing on the driveway having a conversation. I decided to pull up and say hello. I jumped out of the car and walked up to the two guys and said “hello”. They were to deep into their conversation and didn’t even look at me… So I just stood there and listened…

Neighbor 01 was saying “Listen, this place is going to literally disappear if we don’t do something very soon!”
Neighbor 02 replied “We would all have to pitch in and buy braces to extend from one end of the valley to the other; do you think that’s asking to much?”
Neighbor 01 said “We have no choice, we’re as good as dead if we don’t”

Neighbor 01 took off and I decided to ask the other guy what the heck they were talking about… That wasn’t your run of the mill conversation. He basically explained to me that this town was built over a canyon of tunnels and craters. The town was on the brink of a collapse, mainly because the only thing between the neighborhood and the void beneath was a concrete slab that was falling apart.

I literally thought that was the most absurd thing I had ever heard… The place looked so peaceful. So, thinking the guy was a lunatic and hoping that wasn’t a sign of something to look forward too, I hopped back in my car and shrugged it off.

We made our way back to our new house and figured I would take a look around the house and inspect it. The house was still in ‘Sale Pending’ and that didn’t particularly mean it was a done deal just yet. As I walked around the back of the house, I noticed a certain section of our backyard that was protruding from the ground. I figured it was just a bad mound that they didn’t flatten out, or a bad settling with the soil.

As I walked over to the mound, I noticed the the ground didn’t feel solid. It had a slight hollow feeling to every step. As I walked up to the base of the mound I noticed that it wasn’t completely covered with grass. There was a hole about the size of a basketball peering into the ground. It wasn’t a mole hill that was for sure. I got down on my hands and knees and peered inside and only saw blackness. Although, usually with a hole in the ground you can see the walls of the hole flowing downward until they disappear into darkness. This wasn’t the case, there was about a 12″ rim of grass growing out of concrete and then nothing.

Suddenly the conversation came booming back into my thoughts and tried to brush it off, but as I reached my hand down inside the hole to feel any sign of dirt, to my amazement… I didn’t feel anything. I reached my arm all the way in to my shoulder and couldn’t feel anything. It was hollow.

I even brought my hand back up underneath and knocked on the concrete about a foot or so away from the hole and saw the grass shake on every hit…. There was nothing below the ground… With this I stood up and took a step away from the hole and I heard a sound that sent chills down my spine…..

It was the sound of concrete breaking apart and slowly tearing away from the grass it was grafted too…. Then it dropped. I stood there quitely trying my best to hear it hit something below but as I stood there at 10 seconds, 30 seconds and then 1 minute. I knelt down and heard a very, very faint “crack”… It landed. ONE minute?? Were these guys sane?

I ran back to the front of the house and began yelling for my family to get back into the car. I jumped into the car and flipped the key and revved the engine. Just as I did a U-Turn to make our way out of this quiet, peaceful neighborhood… We heard a loud cracking, tearing sound and the car started to shake violently. I wasn’t about to stop the car like they do in the movies and everyone gets out and looks behind them, although, I did look in the rear view mirror and through the dust I saw the peak of the house we were purchasing quickly sink into the ground, along with everything around it. It went from quiet to loud screams and panic.

I pressed the ‘gas’ and took off… Trees hurdling past the car, we finally made it to the on ramp to the highway, stopped and looked behind us to see if what we heard and briefly saw was what we thought it was….

I turned and looked at Suriana and could tell she was thinking the same thing I was…. “Looks like we better find another house!”

Okay, so your probably wondering, YEA RIGHT this all happened in your dream. Actually, it did but I touched it up a little. The point I’m trying to get across though… Here we are buying a new house and even though we both aren’t thrilled with the interior and wish it was up to date (remodeled), we love the neighborhood. Deep down our desire is to have this type of neighborhood and neighbors and we’re getting that finally. Although, the house just isn’t up to what we had hoped to buy this time around.

So, after a dream like that… It makes you wonder… “Are we supposed to walk from it and find another place??”

I’m not into dream interpreting, so that’s all baloney… I just thought it was funny that I dreamt that at this time. How an imagination can come up with such a story. Fun stuff!