September 26, 2009

Dating @ 6 years old?!

By andrewiverson

Maybe my wife and I are naive?  Maybe we’ve completely forgotten what it was like to be 6?  OR maybe our world has changed so much since we were 6 that we’d better put our seat belts on, get on our knees and pray.

Let’s just say that we had one of those eye opening moments tonight while we watched a movie called ‘Shark Boy & Lava Girl’.  It’s movie night for Kyle, Suriana and I, so we went and rented a few movies for Kyle.  Fortunately, there’s enough adult humor in these movies to keep us interested for most of it.  All is well in movie land, Kyle is laughing, we’re laughing and then towards the end of the movie ‘Shark Boy’ grabs ‘Lava Girls’ hand and trots into the sunset together.   Ahhhh, a touching scene that goes south real quick.

“He, he, he…  They’re dating now!”

As I hear these words spewing out of my 6 year old sons mouth, I slowly turned my head and looked at kyle with a look that would make you wonder if I suddenly had put a massive sour patch kid in my mouth.  I wasn’t alone because as I looked past Kyle, my eyes were met by Suriana’s who unfortunately looked like she emptied a whole bag of sour patch kids in our mouth.   We both immediately realized that our 6 year old son had just said the word ‘Dating’ and not just say the word but put it in the right context that fit the scene.


Oooo, we were itching to jump on this and play 20 questions but we had to wait until the movie was finished.  Why wait?  Well, come on it was a interesting movie and I kind of wanted to see how it was going to end… Yea I know, I know!

“Sooo, Kyle, what does dating mean?”

“It means when 2 people go out.”  (both suriana and i looked at each other.  with all experience and wisdom we’ve learned over our lives up to this point, we were drawing blanks!)

“Where did you hear about dating?”

“A boy and girl at school are in love.”

“But who told you about dating?”

“The boy and girl are dating….”  (at this point I’m speechless because i’m flashing back to when I was 6 and in 1st grade and being chased by girls that were trying to give all the boys a kiss…  for the record, that actually stopped after 1st grade.  sad i know.  although, suriana comes up with something brilliant and unstoppable…..)

“It takes money to date Kyle, and you don’t have any…”

BRILLIANT!  Absolutely brilliant and actually seemed like that would put the plug in our ‘dating’ dilemea…   At least we thought….

“The boy and girl play at the playground at school…. They don’t need money.”

Good point kid.  At this moment, Suriana is looking at me burning her thoughts into my brain without saying a word.  “Come on say something!!”  Although, i’m still drawing a blank.  Literally everything from my childhood until now that had anything to do with dating, kissing, girls, love….. AHHHhhh it was mind numbing to think that I somehow had to figure out a way to bring all of that down into a short but sweet conversation with a 6 year old and expect him to understand.

BUT, all i could come up with is a classic …

“Look BUD, You aren’t dating anyone until your 20!” (YEA, I said it.  I said it.  I’m an old fart dad now.  In a strange sort of way I feel pretty awesome right now….   )

Kyle looked at me and as fast as the conversation started, it ended.  It was bedtime.

After I put Kyle to bed and walked out to the family room, Suriana was sitting there with a look on her face that pretty much put a cap on the night.

“Oh CRAP!”