October 25, 2008

Autumn. My favorite time of the year BUT…..

By andrewiverson

It’s also turning out to be the time of the year that I’m beginning to dread.

So far, every year around this time everyone and their ancestors are catching some type of sickness.  Either it be a cold, flu or cough…  Everyone is gulping the tea, airborne pills or Echinacea.  This year so far has probably been the worst so far.

It started a few weeks ago.  We started noticing Kyle getting a running nose.  Then he started developing a cough.  Then a fever.  We figured it was the flu and he’d be over it within a few days or so.  NOPE.  Suddenly, he’s coughing like crazy, up to the point where he’s throwing up.  Then the ear aches started, the loss of hearing, lack of appetite and absolutely no sleep.

This went on for about a week until we contacted the doctor and we ended up having to give him asthma medicine.  So every 4 hours for almost a week we had to have him breathe through a asthma air tube.  Then we noticed that he couldn’t hear anything we were saying about a foot away from him.  The fluid in his ears had built up so much that he literally couldn’t hear us or anything being said.  So, back to the doctor and then we are given an antibotic medicine that he has been taking every 12 hours.

This of course, meant no sleep for Suriana or myself.  Specially when his bedroom is directly behind ours and everytime he coughed it rattled our wall.

THe cough now is going away, his hearing seems to be coming back, although, something in those two weeks must had done something drastic to his mental state, because for about 4 days he didn’t say anything, didn’t want to go to school anymore, screamed and cried at the thought of being seperated, looked at us like we trashed all his toys.  It was strange.  It’s the exact opposite of his personality and who he is.

He just wanted to go to bed, drink milk/orange juice and do nothing.  We just crossed our fingers that it was only due to the fact that he hadn’t slept at all in almost a week.  Of course, with no sleep you’d expect his eyes to be practically closed while walking around like a zombie.  Nope.  He was walking around like a zombie but his eyes were wide open.  WHen I say wide open, I mean they were WIDE open, almost had a shocked look to them. 

That kind of freaked us out.  We’d walk into his bedroom to put him to bed and he’s staring at us like he knew something we didn’t.  Thankfully, as fast as all of this hit Kyle, within a few days the ‘crazy’ eyes have disappeared, he’s playing with Tyler again, excited about doing things, going back to school and not throwing a fuss at all and best of all, sleeping.  Even his appetite has come back.  

During the past two weeks, I developed a cough, Suriana caught a cold and well Mr. T is fine and tearing up the house.

Now to catch up on sleep.