November 12, 2007

Alot of stuff happening!

By andrewiverson

The past few weeks have had been somewhat busy, although it doesn’t at all feel that way.

For awhile we’ve tried to schedule get togethers with family and it never seemed to work out.  So we decided to open up the doors on friday nights to our place and whoever can show up, shows up and whoever can’t… won’t.  Even if no one shows up, the doors are still open.  It takes the pressure off and relieves any guilt if they can’t make it.

So far it’s worked out okay…  almost every friday someone has dropped by and stayed and watched movies, tv or games.

Latest movie we’ve watched:

[youtube rZfYH0yg0KY]

Other than that…  We were able to take off and head up to centralia the past weekend.  Ryan and Steph happened to have a free weekend and so Suriana and I made the trip and spent the night and went to church with them the following day.

It’s always fun going to hang out with Ryan and Steph.  There’s no pressure, no expectations and everyone is very real with each other.  No one feels like we have to entertain each other or try and come up with an exciting schedule.  We ended up getting dinner at a place called Ramblin Jacks in downtown Olympia and then went back to the house and played 360 most the night.

Next morning we went to church and then headed home and Steph made lunch and we played a littlre more 360 and then made our way home to pick up the boys.

Suriana and I really aren’t able to get out much together, so it was nice while it lasted.  Most the time we’re holed up in our house on weeknights and then coming up with fun things to do on the weekends that involve all of us.  We have our 8th anniversary coming up on December 4th and we plan on staying at the beach for about 5 days.  It’s always tough to plan trips that are longer than 2 days because of the kids.  Kyle is going on 4.5 and Tyler just turned 1….  So to dump the kids off for 5 days is an eternity to us.  We just cross our fingers that either of them don’t get a cold because then it’s twice the hand full.

In the next few days I will begin to remodel our bathroom.  A LOAD of wallpaper to remove, which means hours of steaming and peeling.  I’m tempted to texturize over the wallpaper and just paint over it.  Of course, 5 years from now the wallpaper will begin to peel and i’m back to square one… So…. yea steaming is the way to go.

Next spring we plan on re-landscaping our entire backyard.  Right now it’s an unfinished rock garden and so the backyard looks like an excavation site with boulders, rocks and lots of dirt.  There used to be a swimming pool and the lady that lived in our house before us, converted the swimming pool into a water feature and a huge rock garden to sit in and relax.  Only problem is that the lady never finished it and so it just looks like a water feature in the midst of a lot of dirt and misplaced rocks.  Beautiful!

I’m also planning on painting my place next summer.  I painted our first house myself and it really wasn’t a very hard thing to do…. As long as you prep everything and mask everything off, it’s a piece of cake.

That’s it for now.