December 4, 2008

5 minute drop-off : Life time of thoughts!

By andrewiverson

This morning, Tyler woke up with a fever.  Usually, Suriana walks Kyle to school but considering it’s below 40 in the mornings, she decided it would be best to drive Kyle to school.  Usually Kyle would whine and cry because he loves to walk to school (across the street) but he understood Tyler was sick and it’s what we needed to do.

When Suriana drove into the parking lot she was able to get in a spot where she could watch Kyle walk all the way to his classroom building.  They stopped and she told Kyle that he would have to walk to class alone today.  Kyle didn’t fuss but instead said “Is this what big boys get to do?”  Suriana trying not to burst into tears told him that it’s just something he had to do because Tyler was sick.  Kyle said “Ok Mom” got out of the car and literally ran all the way to his classroom building without looking back.  Then as he got to the building he ran back out to see if Suriana was still there and then disappeared into the building.

After I read all of this from Suriana’s email to me earlier in the day, I realized how fast my boys are growing up.  It seems impossible to think of but I knew this was coming and it’s here and it slams you in the face because time goes by so fast, you stop and focus for a few minutes and wonder where the time went and how things have changed so drastically in such a short amount of time… Yet here we are!

So, then I began thinking about why I would throw all of that on this blog for the world to see (okay maybe just a few of you).   I guess in a way, I’ve decided to put this all into a blog about life with my boys, my wife and family.  I guess if anything ever happens to me, I want them to know how much I love them and how much I love their mother and our families.  I would want them to know that my hopes and dreams for their lives are for them to grow to be strong, Godly, loving men who love their wives, kids and lead not only their family but others with a solid mind and common sense. 

I would want them to run towards a challenge, not away from one.  To fight for what they believe in and to fight for their family in bad times and good times.  Never stop loving God and to develop a relationship with Him that can change their lives and everyone that is connected to them.

Most of all, life comes with it’s mistakes.  Life presents all kinds of challenges and temptations that give a man usually two options.  Either you walk away or you don’t.  You give in or you don’t.  It really does come down to a ‘choose life’ or ‘choose death’ scenerio and depending on how you react or answer to that challenge depends on how your life is altered for either the bad or good.

So saying all of that, I would want them to know that if you do make mistakes in life, mistakes that are either minor or major, that affect everyone around you or maybe just you…   Don’t back down, don’t let those mistakes stop you, don’t let them beat you down or take you out of life.  When mistakes are made or temptations are given into, the most common way people look at that is to give up, to dwell on it, to become bitter, resentful and even possibly isolating yourself from the world to sulk in their weaknesses.

DON’T!!  Stand up, brush yourself off, make mends with God, know your forgiven and MOVE FORWARD!   Don’t look back other than to learn from your mistakes and to gain wisdom from what you’ve been through and make a consious effort to NEVER fall for it again.  Don’t dwell on the past other than to learn from it and move on.  You can’t undo your mistakes, take them back or erase them from memory, so you either continually repeat your past in your head and heart everyday or you move forward and create yourself a better future.

Lastly, but not least, listen before you talk and think about what your going to say before you open your mouth.  The tongue is a very, very dangerous weapon and if not used with wisdom and self-control you can do more harm with opening your mouth than anything else.  Once the words leave your mouth…  They are out there and being heard and you can’t take them back.  Even if you are forgiven or things are cleared up due to something you said, it doesn’t entirely ever leave the invidivuals minds that heard you say it.  Be wise with your mouths and what you say, it can make or break any situation.

I guess this is the last thing.  Deal with it before God does.  That’s an entirely different conversation!!